Table of Contents


Welcome Letter

Recent History

Penn’s Early Response to COVID-19

Penn’s Impact On Philadelphia and the World

A Brief History of Penn-trification

A Brief History of Campus Policing

David Skeel and Penn’s role in U.S Colonialism in Puerto Rico

Graduate “Students”? No, We are Workers! : GET-UP and the Ongoing Fight for a Union

How Penn is Cheating Philly Public Schools

Labor Exploitation at Penn

Meet the Penn Trustees

Police Free Penn: A Year in Review

Penn and Slavery

Penn’s Complicity in the Climate Crisis

The MOVE Bombing

White Collar Crime at Penn

Why Can’t Penn Talk About Israel?

Penn’s Impact On Its Students and Staff

Ableism at Penn

Asian American Studies

Contingent Academic Labor and the Crisis in U.S. Higher Education

Cultural Houses

Defanging Radicals

Penn and the Gestapo: The Case of Thomas “I don’t create the laws, I just enforce them” Homan

Cultures of Capitalism and Mental Health at Penn


How to Fight Back (Campus)

How to Fight Back (Philadelphia)


Tying It All Together

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